Vanco electronic Online giving

Whether you are in physical attendance at church, listening via radio, or out of town, giving through Vanco is extremely easy! Simply click the button below and it will direct you to our online giving page! 

If you would like to give on your mobile device, you can download the Vanco Mobile application, enter "First Ozark United Methodist Church" in the search bar, and contribute in that way. Once you create a profile within the app, you're set! The only reason you would have to log back in while using the app is if you chose to log in and out each time after use! Listed below are two items that will be helpful in the use of the Vanco Mobile application. The first item is necessary. It is a church invitation code that allows you to access the church's donation page without administrative approval. The second item is a user guide to use as a reference for any questions that may arise while using the app such as how to get started, giving within the app, etc.

Church invitation code number: 8c4tra

Vanco Mobile User Guide